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A variety of books and DVD’s to inform and delight you about the history of the River Stour’s past, present and future. Click here to visit our main sales page for details of other sales items.

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Books & DVD selection

The Essex and Suffolk Stour: A History By Sean O’Dell


This book details the beginnings, life and trading decline of the Stour Navigation from the seventeenth century to the present day, looking at the circumstances surrounding the construction of the first lock gates and general engineering works that converted the river into an inland navigation and the changing fortunes in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sean refers to the Navigation Company’s records and other data to look at the causes for the decline and looks at the effects the coming of the railways had on the navigations and illustrates the topic with archive and contemporary images.

The Essex and Suffolk River Stour Navigation By John Marriage


Made famous by John Constable’s paintings, the River Stour is one of the major rivers of East Anglia. Navigable for hundreds of years, in 1705 an Act of Parliament was passed making the waterway suitable for barge traffic. This photographic volume traces the story of the river, through its years of decline and to the ongoing activities to restore the Stour to a navigable waterway again.

Stour Secrets By Ken Rickwood


An exploration of the estuary between Essex and Suffolk.

Stour Odyssey By Ken Rickwood


Exploration of the river from salt to source.

Our River – The Stour at Sudbury

The riverscape depicted over the four seasons through photography and poetry. Poems by Edith Freeman, Photographs by Harry Godfrey.


Sudbury’s Ancient Common Lands By Adrian Walters 


Beautifully illustrated. Details the history of Sudbury’s Common Lands.


Sudbury’s Unique Riverside By Adrian Walters 


Beautifully illustrated. Looks at the past and present land use and the wildlife.

2-DVD: Secret Rivers ITV Anglia – Paul Heiney (2007)

£24.95 *SOLD OUT*

For an ITV Anglia series, Paul Heiney explored twelve of the east of England’s loveliest rivers from their source. Paddling by canoe facilitates access to areas generally inaccessible by any other means and offers a rare insight into the river’s history and wildlife. He also talks to people for whom the river plays an important part in their lives. This DVD provides a fascinating record of the eastern region’s most beautiful, often surprising and sometimes overlooked natural features – its Secret Rivers.


DVD: A Journey Through Constable Country… And Around (2015)

£14.99 *SOLD OUT*

This film takes you to the towns and villages John Constable would have known and loved. See the places which inspired the artist to create some of England’s most treasured paintings; from the Dedham Vale to the Stour Estuary and from Roman Colchester to medieval Lavenham. Watch the teaser trailer below.