Online Membership Payment

New and existing members can pay their subscription online using a credit/debit card or PayPal account.

We use PayPal as a payment gateway and your financial details are never shared. PayPal accepts payments from Mastercard/Eurocard, Visa/Delta/Electron, Discover, American Express, Switch/Maestro or Solo cards. You do not need a PayPal account to use this facility.

Simply click on the donate button below to enter your chosen amount then follow the prompts. There is an opportunity to add a message to us during this process and you could state what the payment relates to e.g. subscription and donation, 5 year subscription, donation only, etc.

      Thank you for your support!


Individual £20.00Individual £100.00
Senior Citizen £15.00Senior Citizen £75.00
Couple £25.00Couple £125.00
Senior Couple £20.00Senior Couple £100.00
Club Membership £25.00Club Membership £125.00
Corporate (1-20 employees) £40.00Corporate (1-20 employees) £200.00
Corporate (20+employees) £100.00Corporate (20+employees) £500.00

The completion of the Gift Aid Declaration allows the Trust to benefit because we can reclaim up to an extra 25p for every £1 that is paid in subscriptions or donations at no additional cost to you! You need to be a UK tax payer paying an amount of Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax equal to the tax which will be reclaimed on your behalf (25p for every £1).

  • Download to print, complete & post to us- click here (opens in new tab)
  • Complete the form online- click here (opens in new tab).

COVID-19 update:

As you will be aware the Trust has been seriously impacted by the Coronavirus crisis, and it is likely that we will have severely reduced income for the next 12 months, possibly longer.

90% of our income comes from our boat trips and weddings at the Granary, and these are likely to be curtailed for the next 12-18 months at least. They all involve people sitting close together, including both the passengers our staff and volunteer crew and we cannot allow any risk to the health of any of these.

Therefore until we get advice or otherwise from the Government we will have to put all of these activities on hold.

Fortunately the Trust has reserves, thanks to the magnificent efforts of our volunteers and of our financial management, but even with prudent spending, our reserves will not last for ever.

We are looking to our membership to help where you can. You might be prepared to pay the next five years subscription in one go or make a one-off donation? This will give us an immediate injection of much needed cash and we hope you can continue to support us at this time.

We want the Trust not to just survive, but to come out of the situation stronger, and better placed to preserve the river we all love. We have just celebrated our first 50 years, and are now looking forward to the next 50. We thank you for your support.