Common unpowered craft types


  • CANOE – Normally have an open deck allowing paddler/s to sit or kneel; usually propelled by single bladed paddle.
  • KAYAK – Normally a closed deck (unless it’s a sit on top model); most easily propelled by double bladed paddle.
  • STAND UP PADDLEBOARD (SUP) – A board that floats on the water and the paddler stands or kneels to propel along using a single bladed paddle.
  • ROWBOAT – A small open boat propelled by oars (by rowing).
  • CORACLE – A small one-person boat- often bowl shaped! Propelled by a single oar.


  • Inflatable craft must be registered for use on the waterway.
  • The River Stour Trust can only register private use and unpowered craft on behalf of the Environment Agency.
  • You will need to pay any additional amount, which may be due, if it is found that the boat has been registered incorrectly based on the information you have provided.