The River Stour Trust is set up as a charitable private company with our members awarding control of the company to the directors, who then run it to achieve the aims of the charity. In return members’ liability can only ever be £1, while directors are personally responsible for all company actions.

The directors must act collectively but only a simple majority is needed in their voting (article 50). Our articles allow not less than 2 and not more than 15 directors, who must be company members. The River Stour Trust requires all members of the Council to fulfil a specific role and responsibility, however small, in the actual management and development of the Trust.

Emrhys Barrell, Paul Brewerton (Chairman of Council & Treasurer), Steve Durham, Graham Gardner, Margaret Gardner (Company Secretary), Jim Lunn, Jane Rogers, Alan Ryan, Kevin Taylor


Click on the links below to download and read the following documents:

Trust members can attend these meetings as observers to understand the work undertaken by the Council. It is also possible to raise queries or issues at appropriate times during the meeting which will then be suspended whilst the member puts forward their proposal. Any participation is at the discretion of the Chairman and the agenda will usually be available at least a few days before the meeting.


Since 2011, the minutes of the Council meetings have been published online. The minutes are available to download and read only once Council has approved them – click here.