Water Primrose Alert!

We need you to report any sightings of this plant.

Help eradicate water primrose from the UK – Read the ALERT information on the non-native species secretariat website

  • Report any sightings of the plant to alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk
  • If you have the plant on your land, don’t let it spread. Contact the Environment Agency for advice on how to remove it 03708 506 506
  • Always follow strict biosecurity and adopt the check-clean-drycampaign. Remember, spread the word, not the weed!
  • If you think you have found water primrose, check the identificationthen send a photo and location details to: alertnonnative@ceh.ac.uk
  • Water primrose Ludwigia grandiflora is an invasive non-native plant that is invading our ponds, lakes, wetlands, ditches and watercourses.
  • It was introduced as an ornamental garden plant, but has now been banned from sale.
  • It has already invaded many habitats in Western Europe and Japan, excluding native plants and animals, increasing flood risk, preventing fishing, navigation and reducing the amenity value.
  • In the UK the Environment Agency is coordinating the eradication of water primrose, before it gets too established in the wild.
  • If you have water primrose in your garden, it is a criminal offence to spread it into the wild. Follow the be plant wisecampaign and dispose of it safely.

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