Do I need to be an experienced paddler?
Sudbury to the Sea is suitable for novice paddlers who are competent and confident in handling their craft. Our volunteer marshals will be visible along the route (particularly the checkpoints) and will be on hand to provide guidance, but physical assistance cannot be expected or relied upon by any participant. On the river, you will rarely (if ever) be out of sight of other craft and our designated sweeper boats bring up the rear so this forms part of the safety margin.

We strongly advise everyone to keep clear of weirs and sluices and you must be able to manage all portages without assistance i.e. be able to get out of your craft, remove it from the water and carry/drag it around obstacles (such as weirs & locks) along the route, before returning it to the water and continuing.

Why should I take part?
You will be seeing parts of the countryside that are inaccessible by any other means. The event gives a great sense of achievement to those taking part and is a fantastic family activity. Your entry fee will go towards the restoration and conservation of the Stour Navigation for the benefit and enjoyment of the public. You can certainly paddle the river at any other time of the year (and we certainly encourage you to do so) but we think S2C is quite special.

Do I have to book a place to take part?
Yes! We are limited to how many craft can take part following agreement with the Environment Agency (as the Navigation Authority) and riparian landowners (many of the portages traverse their private land). We will not exceed the maximum permitted entries and if you ‘miss the boat’ (please excuse the pun!) then we can add you to a waiting list on a first come first served basis should anyone drop out ahead of the event.

How and when do I book a place?
You need to complete our entry form and make payment to confirm participation in the event. The majority of people are able to book via our online booking portal but if you are really struggling then drop an email to s2c@riverstourtrust.org or call 01787 313199 so we can try and help. We generally open for bookings in July (no set date!) but you can subscribe to our mailing list for S2C information and updates (including priority booking) – click here.

Do I need a permit or licence for my boat to take part?
The simple answer is yes! All craft must be registered to take to the water on any part of the Inland Waterway network of England (canals, rivers, navigations). The Environment Agency (EA) is the navigation authority for the section of the Stour that runs from Brundon Mill (upstream of Sudbury) to Cattawade (near Manningtree).

Craft must be registered for navigational use on the River Stour for the duration of the event. Proof of craft registration will be required during registration at The Granary. This is achieved by one of the following options:

  • At least one person in the craft is a British Canoeing (BC) member
  • The craft is already registered with the Environment Agency (EA)
  • The craft is on hire from an S2C Official Hire Partner
  • You obtain an Environment Agency craft registration via the River Stour Trust by:
    • selecting the relevant S2C ticket option when booking your place/s
    • purchasing a craft registration direct from RST

Do you hire craft for the event?
We will share the details of our Official Hire Partners who can rent you a craft for the weekend.

Can I just paddle on one of the S2C days?
If you are unable to paddle the whole weekend then you are welcome to take part on one of the days but we will need to charge you the full fee. You will need to make it very clear on the booking form which day you are paddling so we can identify your entry and inform our volunteers marshals.

What are the overnight arrangements?
S2C participants are invited to bring along their own camping equipment to camp overnight at Rushbanks Farm at Wissington. Do not call Rushbanks to book- S2C pitches are already reserved! This site is next to the river and is the location for the end of day 1 checkpoint. We arrange a discounted camping fee and the campsite warden will collect the fee (cash only).

Of course, there is no necessity to camp if you live locally or simply prefer a bed! However, you must be able to return to this location on Sunday morning to check out by the stated time.

Can I take part in the event to raise money for charity?
We are more than happy for you to use the event to raise money for charity. You will get a certificate when you reach the finish at Cattawade so you are able to prove your success! We would be delighted if you would like to raise additional funds for the River Stour Trust and can provide a sponsorship form upon request.

What do I need to bring?
Your basic kit list will consist of:
– Life preserver/buoyancy aid is essential and is probably the most important piece of safety kit
– Watertight dry bags are a great investment for keeping items onboard dry. This could be a spare set of clothes, your mobile, towels and other items that you really don’t want to get wet. A drybag means you won’t be worrying about your stuff even if you capsize!
– For most water sports, wet shoes are worthwhile. Made from neoprene with rubber soles, they provide fantastic grip when walking on slippery surfaces. They also don’t get water-clogged like trainers will and allow you to walk into the river or sea without fear of stepping on something painful and hurting yourself.
– Mobile phone (fully charged!)
– Basic first aid kit and hand sanitiser
– Payment card & cash
– Bottled water & snacks
– Sunscreen and cap
– Appropriate clothing and accessories for warm/cold/wet weather
– A spare change of clothing and footwear in a dry bag
– Helmet is advisable and should be CE approved – CE1385
– Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, etc) – unless you set up camp beforehand, or have someone to bring it for you or have alternative overnight arrangements!

If, having booked, you can’t take part, let us know. We look at refunds on a case by case basis and cannot guarantee anything, but we do try to be reasonable.

Do you have a community page where I can ask questions, share thoughts, ideas and photos with other people taking part/interested in S2C?
Yes, we have Facebook and Twitter accounts for S2C. Click on the logos and join the conversation!