Craft Registrations 2021/22

If you want to paddle on many waterways you often need a ‘licence’ to do so. The good news for those registering for use of the River Stour is that you are contributing to the upkeep and maintenance of this beautiful river.

The navigation authority for the Suffolk & Essex River Stour is the Environment Agency and there are a number of ways to register to use the river:

  1. You can become a member of British Canoeing or British Rowing – this covers the member and not the craft (joint/family memberships are available). If you would like to loan your craft to someone else then they also need to be a member or you need to register the craft.
  2. You can register your craft (powered or unpowered, private or commercial) directly with the Environment Agency for a specific period:
    • Weekly: between 1-7 consecutive days
    • Monthly: between 1-31 consecutive days
    • Annual: between the EA season 1 April-31 March
  3. The River Stour Trust can process online, postal and in person craft registrations for unpowered and private use only craft on behalf of the Environment Agency.

Click here for more information and to purchase your copy of The River Stour Navigation Guide.

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