RST Proxy

Entries submitted after Midday on 01.11.22 will not be counted.

  • Any member not able to attend the meeting can appoint a proxy, who may speak or vote on their behalf at the meeting. You can instruct your proxy on how to vote or the proxy will vote or abstain as they think fit.
  • The Chair as proxy has been included for convenience but if you choose someone else then they must be a current member of the Trust and be able to attend the meeting.
  • Completion of this form does not prevent you from attending the AGM and voting in person.
  • Couples must each complete their own proxy.
  • Validity of all membership will be verified by checking the membership database.
  • Should any member submit multiple proxy forms then the most recently received supersedes all others.

I am a current member of the River Stour Trust, appoint as proxy to vote on my behalf at the Annual General Meeting to be held on Wednesday 2 November 2022, and at any adjournment of the meeting, as indicated by the information provided below.